Welcome to Duckchicken Cider. We are a small batch cider maker operating in South London, SW16 since 2016. Our ciders are fully fermented (dry), non-sweetened and non-pasteurised Eastern style ciders. That means using dessert or eating apples instead of traditional cider apples. The apples we pick are from three Kentish orchards, which would otherwise leave the apples unused. In 2020, all of our ciders are wild fermented. Visit our About page for more information.

2020 season ciders:

  • Easter Hill: Single variety Cox’s orange Pippen cider. White wine nose. Light, acidic fruit notes on the front and a clean, dry finish. 7.4% abv
  • Gigglejuice: Blend of Bramley’s seedling and Egremont russet. Grapeade nose with light acidity and fruity finish. 8.4% abv
  • Demons of Spills Hill: A blend of apples from a new (to us) orchard. Mostly made of Bramley’s seedling, it also contains a mix of single-tree, single-variety heirloom apples. 8.1% abv
  • Deric from IT: Single variety Bramley’s seedling. Starts with tongue tingling sharpness, finishes with a soft fruity hint of Jolly Ranchers. 8.2% abv

Only 750ml bottled pét nat and BIBs are available. Wholesale only. If you are interested in having our cider on at your pub, festival or brewery get in contact on the email below.

Read about the beginnings of our cidery in Pellicle Mag or listen to our interviews on Cider Chat and Neutral Cider Hotel

Regular Stockists

Caps & Taps – Kentish Town NW1
The Harp – Covent Garden WC2
Spartan Brewery – Bermondsey SE16
Salthouse Bottles – Brockley SE4
Hop Burns & Black – Dulwich SE22
The Hop Inn – Hornchurch RM11
Plumsteadshire – Plumbstead SE18
subship – SE London delivery
Goldfinch – Tooting SW17

Fram Ferment
The Station House

Hop Hideout

Cat in the Glass

Label Design

Artist – Korena Schlegel @plumapictorem
Label designer – Matt Flick @tallmattflick
Logo designer – Jez Robinson @jezdrawspictures

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