We are a recently married couple living in SW16 in South London who are pretty passionate about cider. We have traveled around the UK, Europe and the US (even a bit of Africa) over the last couple years trying different styles of ciders and perries.
We decided to give cider making a go in 2016 and were lucky enough to get access to an underutilized orchard in Kent. The orchard was made up mostly Cox apple trees, which turned out to be the right kind of apple we were seeking to make our cider.

We experimented with several different ways of fermenting, creating 5 permutations of very crisp, fruity, fully fermented cider. It turned out better than we could have imagined. We also discovered others enjoyed it too.

In 2017 we have made plenty of Cox cider once again, with added Champage yeast. We are also dealving into additional apple varieties like Russet and Bramley to create new, Kentish style blends. We are also using aromatic yeast on some of our tanks to see what kind of flavour profile this brings.

We have 1500 litres of tanks in our rear garden and use a 90l Speidel hydropress and a Speidel Electric 2.2kW Apple Mill to get our juice.

If you have questions please get in touch.


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