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We are a married couple living in SW16 in South London who are pretty passionate about cider. We have traveled around the UK, Europe and the US (even a bit of Africa) over the last several years exploring different styles of ciders and perries.

In 2016 we decided to give cider making a go and were lucky enough to get access to an underutilized orchard in Kent. The orchard was predominately Cox, which turned out to be a great apple for the style of cider we like to drink.

We experimented with several different fermentation approaches the first year, creating five very crisp, fruity, fully fermented ciders. It turned out better than we could have imagined and we soon discovered others enjoyed it too.

In 2017 we acquired 4 300l tanks and pressed all the Cox (Easter Hill) we could pick. Finding that the Cox crop could only fill 2 of the 300l we picked not commercially viable apples from the orchard next door. The Russet and Bramley from this orchard led us to create a new Kentish style blend we called Gigglejuice.

Duckchicken Colleen and James 001In 2019 we have pressed a couple of new apple varieties including Jonagold, opening up potential for more blends. It was the first year we gave pét nat and key keg conditioned ciders a try, which we see being staple formats in the future.

2020 saw the addition of a new apple orchard in the Staplehurst area of Kent. This orchard is a recognised heritage orchard containing predominantly Bramley trees which age from 80-100 years old. The remaining trees are a mix of single tree heirloom varieties mostly originating in SE England.

Our production is small as it is based out of our South London maisonnette. We are now up to 2400 litres of tanks in our garden. We use a 90l Speidel hydropress and a Speidel Electric 2.2kW apple mill for processing and an excellent fish pond for washing apples.

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If you have questions please get in touch.

-Colleen & James

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